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Who is the Man of Romans 7?

Romans 7

Lesson 8

¿Who Is The Man of Romans 7?

(Romans 7)


Introduction: Romans 7 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. That may seem odd to you. Why not pick a chapter that pours out praise to God? Why not pick a chapter that promises peace and joy? I like those kinds of chapters too. The reason why I like Romans 7 so much is that it encourages me in my struggle with sin. Some will say that I should not be encouraged by it. Some will say that it is for beginning Christians, not old guys like me who have been in the faith for decades. Let's do what we do every week - jump into our study of the Bible and learn more about what God has to teach us!


  1. Legal Authority


    1. Read Romans 7:1-3. What has changed in the story Paul tells in these verses? (The husband died.)


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